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Supporting Sustainable Livelihoods: Case Study on our Tasar Operations conducted by United Nations - World Food Programme & International Fund for Agricultural Development.
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AT India is a non-government organization that works with mountain communities of Uttarakhand, offering them innovative alternatives to subsistence agriculture. Its broad mission is to assist village communities in the Western Himalayan eco-region to conserve their natural resources while utilizing these resources and non timber forest products (NTFPs) in a socially equitable, economically efficient and ecologically sustainable manner. The organization operates under the premise that attaining economic and managerial control over their natural resources will instinctively provide local communities the impetus to support long-term biodiversity conservation goals.

Laurels Received

AT India's "Oak Tasar Silk Program, that helps conserve forests", won the prestigious World Bank Development Marketplace Award for the year 2004.
Recipient of the Best Field implementation Agency Award of the UNDP for 2003.
DevBhumi Honey was nominated for the Slow Foods Award in 1998 DevBhumi Honey has been recognized by the Fair Trade Federation of America.
Livelihood Programmes
The oak (temperate) tasar silk program has been AT India's 'flagship' programme. It best reflects our synergistic approach of forest conservation through......Read More
The rationale for identifying bee-keeping as one of AT India's programmes lies in the predominantly agrarian economy and land use pattern of Uttarakhand. The......Read More
Dairy has been one of the sub-sectors identified by AT India for intervention due to its potential to significantly impact the incomes of a large number of rural poor......Read More
Work in this sector was started after a careful value chain assessment which indicated that local production of certain organic spices could compete in the end ......Read More
Home to the spectacular Himalayas, the Garhwal region is blessed with prolific natural beauty, harboring sacred mountain peaks, life-giving rivers and......Read More
Ringal (Arundinaria falcatta) or dwarf bamboo have been traditionally harvested from the oak forests on a subsistence basis. It is then fabricated by local......Read More
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Founded in 1993, AT India commenced work in the Garhwal Himalayas, as an off-spring of AT International, a Washington based charity. Under a three-year grant from the Biodiversity Conservation Network, AT India took the lead in establishing, commercially viable oak tasar sericulture through village based enterprises. Since its inception 15 years ago, AT India has developed a range of novel livelihood activities enabling steady returns to beneficiaries who now number approximately 7926, generating benefits of around 20 million INR per annum. Thus, what started as a biodiversity conservation project in 1994, with the mandate to develop an enterprise based model for conservation, has evolved into a vibrant livelihoods......Read More
AT India new initiative includes the Disaster Management which has been launched with a view to build the organization capacity and also capacity of local ......Read More
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The above range of activities requires a sufficient range of skills and expertise to execute them. In most of the livelihood sub-sectors that the program is involved, AT India initiatives have invariably been the first of their kind in Uttarakhand. This means that the organization is today a repository of skills and expertise that are unique and not easily replaceable. Currently AT India has 96 persons on its permanent pay roll and 42 as Community Resources Persons (CRPs). About...