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Welcome to Appropriate Technology India

Appropriate Technology India is a non-government organization that works with mountain communities of Uttarakhand, offering them innovative alternatives to subsistence agriculture. Its broad mission is to assist village communities in the Western Himalayan eco-region to conserve their natural resources while utilizing these resources and non timber forest products (NTFPs) in a socially equitable, economically efficient and ecologically sustainable manner. The organization operates under the premise that attaining economic and managerial control over their natural resources will instinctively provide local communities the impetus to support long-term biodiversity conservation goals.

The organization has adopted a 'community centric' approach and operates on the principle of strengthening the local Community Based institutions(CBOs) and work collaboratively to further build on the indigenous knowledge of the community. The thrust is the promote Climate Resistant livelihoods. Inclusion of marginalized persons and women is the criterion for engaging with the community stakeholders.




Our Values


The oak (temperate) tasar silk program has been A T India 'flagship' programme. It best reflects our synergistic approach of forest conservation through
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The rationale for identifying bee-keeping as one of A T India programmes lies in the predominantly agrarian economy and land use pattern 
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Dairy has been one of the sub-sectors identified by A T India for intervention due to its potential to significantly impact the incomes of a large number of rural poor  
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Work in this sector was started after a careful value chain assessment which indicated that local production of certain organic spices could compete in the end   
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